Murphy's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 8 years old
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Crossbreed

With other dogs: 

Murphy has mixed with several dogs in the rescue and has enjoyed spending time with them. We believe he could happily share a home with a female dog of similar size.


Introducing... Murphy! 

Murphy's Story:

Murphy was orignally saved from a public kill shelter in Romania. He was a direct adoption meaning that he went straight into a home and didn't have to come into a rescue. The home sadly didn't work out and after 2 years, the adopters wanted to give him up. This is where we stepped in as rescue back up for the charity that brought him over.

Poor Murphy's skin was in awful condition when he arrived at Oakwood Dog Rescue and he was morbidly obese. We started him on skin treatment immediately and put him onto a healthy and strict diet. Murphy is now looking and feeling SO much better, he has now lost 10.1kg and is at a perfect size. He really now is such a happy and healthy boy.

About Murphy:

Murphy loves nothing more than to carry his stuffed toys around with him everywhere he goes and having lots of loves and fusses from anyone that will give them to him.

Energy level


3-4 hrs

Murphy could be trained to be left 3-4 hrs in the future, to begin with he will need to be left as little as possible

Lead trained

Murphy is lead trained and loves his walks. He is reported by our volunteers to walk absolutely lovely.

Training reminders

Murphy loves to spend him time with people and having lots of loves. 

He doesn't seem to have any kind of basic training

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