Wally's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Size: Medium / Large
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Wally!

About Wally:

Wally was originally saved a Romanian kill shelter via another charity and he was lucky enought to land himself a home here in the UK.

Sadly, as his home was confirmed, a travel ban was put in place meaning that this poor boy had to wait in the kill shelter for an extra year. This turned out to be detromental for him and his trust of people. 

The time came when he was lucky to travel to the UK to begin his new life, however, it was quickly very clear to see just how much he had suffered at the hands of humans during his extra time in the Romanian kill shelter.

This poor boy is scared of his own shadow. Any sudden movements or any little noises and he jumps out of his skin. After  7 months in the home here in the UK, Wally was just as terrified of the adopter as he was on the day that he arrived. The adopter decided that is was no longer fair on Wally and made the decision to return him to rescue which is where we stepped in to help.

From arriving at Oakwood, Wally straight away showed so much potentail. He was having a sniff around, taking hot dogs that were thrown towards him and was drawn towards the other dogs immediately, they made him feel at ease. 

It was immediately obvious how terrified he is whenever he was around a male presence. Straight away he goes into panic mode, pacing, panting, just wants to be as far away as possible from any male presence. It is just heartbreaking to watch.

Wally is very food motivated which is already helping him with his trust issues, but it is going to take that little bit longer for him to bond with any males, it will take a lot of time and patience but Wally really does have so much potential to be an amazing pet, he's just had an extremely hard start to life.

Wally is unable to walk on a collar and lead and has never yet been touched by a kind hand. He sees a hand and expects pain, he will not yet even take the tastiest of treats from us as he is just too scared of what might come. 


With other dogs: 

Wally has shown that he gains much confidence from being around other dogs. He has amazing body language and can read other dogs very well. He shows nothing but kindness, playfulness and politeness towards them. He has been mixed with male and female dogs and has shown that he is great with both.

Moderate energy

So far Wally has shown a moderate level of activity, however this has potential to increase once settled in a home

0-2 hrs

Wally has shown signs of distress when being left alone. He would need to be taught to be left for very short periods and gradually increased over time

Requires lead training

Wally is not currently confident enough to begin lead training at the rescue

Training required

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