Penny's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3 year
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Mixed Breed 


Introducing... Penny!

About Penny:

Penny recently arrived with us after spending a very large part of her life living in a public kill shelter in Romania.

She is such a sweet girl that desperately wants to trust but the horrors that she has endured in the kill shelter is making this hard for her. She really is trying her very best though and we beleive she will flourish in a home with 1 on 1 intercations with her very own family - something she has never had.

With other dogs: 

Penny is very wary of other dogs. We have mixed her with many of our Oakwood residents and some she has shown to really enjoy being around however when she gets worried she will take herself away and if she is approached by the dog she will react by snapping. In a home she could definately have dog friends in the future but she will need to be adopted as an only dog in the home to avoid any future issues.

With cats:

Penny was taken to a staff members house to meet their dog confident cat. Penny was so good with him. She walked over, gave him lots of sniffs and even had a few tails wags off her. When it comes to dogs, she feels threatened and will snap but she felt no threat from the cat and so seemed more than happy to be in his presence. We was able to let her off lead with him with no worries. We believe she was be happy in a home with a dog confident cat, not one that would try and bully her or be skittish as this could cause her worry and she may react differently to one that causes her no concern.

High energy

Penny is still a very timid girl and so we do not yet know her true level of energy. We would guess that when she gains full confidence, she could be of a moderate energy level


Penny has never lived in a home before so to start off with, she will need to be left for very short periods. This could be built up over time to a maximum of 4-5 hours

Requires lead training

Penny has never before walked on a collar / harness and lead. She has only even been manhanled and roughly treated with a grasper pole so lead training will need to be a slow process with lots of patience and positive reinforcement 

Training required

Penny has no form of basic training. This will come in time but first and foremost, she will need to learn to trust her family and her surroundings

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