Bobo's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: Large
  • Breed: Crossbreed


Introducing... handsome Bobo! 

Bobo's Story:

Are you looking for a new best friend? Then look no further than Bobo!

Bobo arrived to us when he was just 4 months old. He escaped the horror's of a Romanian kill shelter and came to Oakwood to find his forever home. He was lucky enough to be adopted but sadly it wasn't forever. After 17  months in the home Bobo's family returned him - we are now determined to find Bobo the forever home we promised him.

About Bobo:

Bobo really is a fantastic boy. He loves meeting new people and the more he knows you the more affectionate he gets. He is very food orientated and has a small level of basic training. Bobo loves to run around and play, he's an active boy that would benefit from a home where can enjoy nice walks and zooming around a garden. 

Bobo does walk on a lead however some extra work does needsto be put in here. He can panic and spook easily, when this happens, he just wants to get back home as soon as possible - or in the case at the moment - get back to kennels.   

Bobo unwent surgery on his knee several months ago and due to having to be on extended cage rest, he sadly started developing handling issues. He can be qiute sensitive to being touched around his back end / legs and has been known to give a little nip to warn you not to mess about around that area. 

Unfortuntaley, Bobo will may his second knee operating on at some point in the future too. The surgery he will require is called TPLO and it's for cruciate disease. It will all be covered by Oakwood but he will be requried to be on cage rest for at least 6 weeks again. We need someone that can be strict and really commit to this but also who will keep him entertained whilst he is having down time with enrichment and who will  spend time with him with gentle fusses and lots of brain training games to prevent him from getting bored. 


With other dogs: 

Bobo has made a couple of dog friends in kennels but it's it's a very hectic enviroment sometimes which can cause him to be reactive as the other dogs as everyone is barking at each other and it really stresses him out.

He will be able to make dog friends to go walkies with in the future, with his new adopters.

Active energy

Bobo is a young boy with lots of enegy. He will thrive in a home that can give him nice qiet walks and plenty of enrichment/play time. He LOVES his toys.

2-3 hours

Bobo is very people oriented and will require training to build up his time alone to begin with he will need to be left as little as possible

Lead trained

Bobo needs work on his lead training. He is currently harness trained but can pull and get spooked easily, causing him to just want to head straight home once he is spooked - his confidence definately needs a lot of work 

Training required

Bobo has a basic level of training 

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