Pippa's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 8 years approx
  • Size: Small 
  • Breed: Mixed breed


Introducing... Pippa! 

Pippa is our new girl on the block arrivng March 2024.

About Sarah:

Pippa was found in a Romanian kill shelter and was pulled out by International Dog Rescue who arranged for her to stay somewhere safe until she could travel to us at Oakwood Dog Rescue.

Pippa is not yet trusting enough to let people stroke her but she is getting braver by the day and we don't think it will be long until she is having tickles from the staff and volunteers.

She already gets so excited when we sit talking to her and will take treats from us cautiously. When it's getting a bit much she will step back and avoid eye contact so this is our queue to back off. So long as we are listening to her, she is very quick so start interacting with us again and she has the cutest little dance she does for us too.

Pippa is a very sweet girl who needs a patient and loving home to continue the work we have already started with her to help build her confidence.

Due to her timidness, and the face that she can not currently be handled, we have assessed Pippa to require an adult only home. We would consider sensible 15/16 year olds but we can not risk putting her in a home where she would be pushed beyond her limits which may result in an accident. 


With other dogs: 

So far, Pippa has shown us that she is not comfortable being around other dogs and so at this time, we have assessed her to require a home as an only dog.

Wih cats:

Pippa has visited a member of staff's home and met their very dog confident male cat. She was slightly interested but the cat was a little bigger than him so she seemed quite wary. She showed no sign of aggression so for this reason we believe she would be suitbale to live in a home with a dog confident cat.

Active energy

Pippa is far too nervous to show us her true energy levels. She is fairly quiet in kennels but this could all change once she gains her confidence in a home.

3-4 hrs

Pippa could be trained to be left 3-4 hours in the future, to begin with she will need to be left as little as possible

Requires lead training

Pippa is not currently confident enough to begin lead training at the rescue

Training required

Pippa will require at minimum, a basic level of training when settled into the home

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