Sasha's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Size: Large
  • Breed: Crossbreed


Introducing... beautiful Sasha! 

Sasha's Story:

Poor Sasha has spent a majority of her life living in a public kill shelter in Romania. She has seen nothing of life and received some truly horrendous treatment from humans. She has no trust in people at all.


With other dogs: 

Sasha has lots of dog friends that she spends her time with during play time. She has known nothing other than dogs as she has grown up surrounded by them in the kill shelter. Unfortunately, during kennels shares at Oakwood though, she has started a few scuffles. We believe this will be because Sasha has always had to fight for everything in her life including food, water and shelter. We hope that in time, she will learn that this is no longer neccessary. Because of this behaviour, we have assessed that she would not be safe to live with another dog in a home however we will continue to monitor this and update her bio if there are any changes.

Moderate energy

Sasha hasn't yet shown us her true personality so it's hard to say what her energy level is. She is too scared to play and on many occassions she has been seen trying to climb the fences to get back to the safety of her kennel.

3-4 hours

Sasha has never been in a home before. She won't understand the do's and don't's. Periods of time alone will need to be slowly built up until she is comfortable and knows she is safe

Lead trained

Sasha has never been walked on a collar / harness and lead. She has only ever known grasper poles so will likely have neck trauma and it will take a lot of patience and positive reinforcement for her to learn to accept lead training.

Training required

Sasha has no form of training. This will all come in time but first and foremost she will need to learn to trust her adopters.

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