Shaggy's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: Large
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Shaggy!

About Shaggy:

Shaggy came to us recently via International Dog Rescue. Shaggy was kept in the public shelter in Romania and treated very badly by people.

Because Shaggy is extremely timid the transport driver wanted to use a grasper pole to remove him from the van, however, we stepped in to prevent him from enduring even further negative treatment and managed to handle him on transport and get him out without force.

In his first few days at the rescue Shaggy was so frightened he didn't want to leave his crate. He would look at you with very haunted eyes and pin himself to the back of his crate if you came near.

We are continuing to work with Shaggy and have seen some progress from him so far. 

Not long after arriving we found that he is very food motivated and will take treats from hands, he will also allow gentle touch but is not brave enough to ask for this at the moment.

Shaggy is currently a very quiet dog that likes his kennel, he is getting braver on the fields but will retreat to his safe space if he is worried.

Shaggy will be a project dog, and is likely to take a good while to settle down and progress. He requires a patient and understanding owner; he has been abused by people in his past and needs time to learn that not all people want to hurt him.

He is available for adoption and will progress faster in a home space, but applicants do need to understand that there will be a journey with Shaggy. He is not the kind of dog that will become confident overnight. It may take months before he is asking for affection or behaving like a 'normal dog', he will get there in time but it make take longer than what you originally thought.

With other dogs: 

Shaggy has been introduced to two calmer females in our care and he has grown a little in confidence due to their presence - he will now come out of his kennel to go to the toilet and have a leg stretch, he is also clamer on the fields with another dog. At the moment he walks over to them and has a few sniffs and moves on grateful he has a friend around, but he had not initiated play due to being too frightened. He may start to play with a dog in the home when he is settled in and his real personality comes out. We are continuing to assess Shaggy with other dogs. For now he will require a calm female dog presence in the home to help him progress.

Shaggy is not ready for lead training and will require time to settle in the home before lead training is introduced.

Moderate energy

So far Shaggy has shown a moderate level of activity, however this has potential to increase once settled in a home


Shaggy could be trained to be left 4-5hrs in the future, to begin with he will need to be left as little as possible 

Requires lead training

Shaggy is not ready for lead training and may need a few months to settle before this is introduced

Training required

Shaggy will require at minimum, a basic level of training when settled into the home (we recommend at-home training with Shaggy)

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