Alex's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 years
  • Size: Large
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Introducing... Alex!

About Alex:

Alex came to us via International Dog Rescue back in November 23.

She was kept in the public kill shelter in Romania and treated very badly by people.

Alex had not experieced any positive experiences by humans until she arrived at Oakwood Dog Rescue so she is a very timid girl that is not yet able to be touched.

Not long after arriving with us, we found that Alex is very food motivated however she is not yet confident enough to take food from our hands. She has allowed touch a couple of times but is extremely frightned and only tolerates it, she is sadly still a long way off from finding this a joyable experience. 

Alex is available for adoption and will progress faster in a home space, but applicants do need to understand that there will be a journey with her. She is not the kind of dog that will become confident overnight. It may take months before she is asking for affection or behaving like a 'normal dog', she will get there in time but it make take longer than what you originally thought.

With other dogs: 

Alex was not able to mix with other dogs when she first arrived at the rescue. When she was living in the kill shelter is really was survival of the fittest and so she learnt she she had to protect anything that she felt valuble to her which resulted in her guarding things at Oakwood such as her bed and food. Over time she has got so much better with this and now kennel shares with one of her friends and will share treats when we are spending time with her with another dog around. 

Guarding behaviours may become a problem in the home if there is another dog around and this is not managed correctly.

When we did start mixing Alex in groups of dogs we soon saw that they were bullying jer and we would find her hiding in a corner and wanting to be let out of the field. We have now found some friends that do not intimidate her in any way and she absolutely thrives being around them.

Alex is not ready for lead training and will require time to settle in the home before lead training is introduced.

Moderate energy

So far Alex has shown a moderate level of activity, however this has potential to increase once settled in a home


Alex could be trained to be left 3-4 hrs in the future, to begin with she will need to be left as little as possible 

Requires lead training

Alex is not ready for lead training and may need a few months to settle before this is introduced

Training required

Alex will require at minimum, a basic level of training when settled into the home (we recommend at-home training with Alex)

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