Stryker's info:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 4 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Love a cuddle monster? You'll love Stryker <3

About Stryker:

Stryker recently arrived at Oakwood after spending over 2 years living in a public kill shelter in Romania. He arrived completely shut down. He didn't want to get up in a morning, he wouldn't go outside and explore his new surrounding and wasn't interested in the other dogs. It was so sad to see him so broken at the hands of humans. After just over a week Stryker slowly started to realise that we were different, we were being kind to him, giving him treats and treating him like the kind soul that he is. He was confused but started to trust us. 

Now that he knows what a kind hand feels like, he can't get enough fusses and would happily lay all day being doted on, and he deserves it!



With other dogs: 

Stryker has shown that he does not enjoy the company of male dogs. We are still testing him with females but so far he has no interest in them and prefers to have his humans to himself. 

At the moment, we are not looking for a home with another dog. 

Moderate energy

So far Stryker has shown a moderate level of activity, this is in small spurts at present. He is slightly overweight and timid so energy levels may increase one this changes


We believe Stryker could learn to be left for around 4 hours per day however we would ask for this to be built up over time as he has never been in a home before

Requires lead training

Styker can not yet walk on a collar or harness and lead. This will take time and patience as he will need to build trust with his family before training can begin

Training required

Stryker doesn't have any form of basic training. He will need to learn to trust his people first before training will be possible

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