Sweetpea's info:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: Small
  • Breed: Mixed Breed


Looking for a little ball of energy? You'll love Sweetpea!!

About Sweetpea:

Sweetpea was rescued from a public kill shelter in Romania. She was so small and vunerable, we were able to pull her out and get her into temporary safety before she travelled the happy bus to Oakwood Dog Rescue.

She was extremely fearful when she arrived and clearly thought something bad was about to happen to her. She was screaming a noise that is very rarely heard and was doing everything she could to prevent us from being able to get near her on the van. We took our time with her and was eventually able to lift her our of her cage and carry her into one of our secure fields. 

After around 20 minutes, it's like something clicked in her and she suddenly knew she was safe here with us. There were 2 handlers at the transport drop off and Sweet pea was literally running from one to another giving cuddles, kisses and begging for tickles. It was amazing to see the difference in her in such a short space of time. She no longer needs to be scared at the hands of humans again.



With other dogs: 

Sweetpea has shown that she's not really a fan of other dogs and would much rather be with her favourite humans. We will continue to mix and monitor her.

High energy levels

So far Sweetpea has shown high energy levels. She is an absoltlute fire cracker that never stops running around.


We believe Sweetpea could learn to be left for 2-4 hours per day however we would ask for this to be built up over time as she has never been in a home before

Requires lead training

Sweetpe can not yet walk on a collar or harness and lead. This will take time and patience as she will need to build trust with her family before training can begin. She has shown signs of severe neck trauma from a catch pole being used on her in Romania and will scream and panic when the smallest amount of pressure is placed on / around her neck

Training required

Sweetpea doesn't have any form of basic training. She will need to learn to trust her people first before any training will be possible.

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